Eigenwijs in het onderwijs

COOL Picture Login

Cloudwise is a Google for Education Partner Premier in the Netherlands. We see the opportunities that Cloud Computing provides to the educational sector. In recent years we have developed a number of applications that further build upon the power that G Suite for Education and Chromebooks provide to schools. Our newest development is the COOL Picture Login. It enables young students to start working with their Chromebook in an easy way. The teacher can focus on teaching, not running around helping students to login with their username and password.

With this login students are logged in to their Google account and can use all the functionality it provides, like synced passwords to other tools, search history and extensions. COOL Picture Login is just one of the many education focused products which we offer through our COOL platform. Other functionalities are: Chromebook monitoring, communication via a notice board for parents, students and teachers and the ability to run legacy software that still requires the Windows operating system via virtualization.

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. For more information or to request a demo fill out this Google Form.

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